Lake County Juvenile Officer's Association

Founded: 1958


Illinois Juvenile Officer's Association

Founded: 1957

The Lake County Juvenile Officer's Association was organized in 1958, in response to a movement within the State of Illinois for the organization of common goals and the treatment of juveniles within the Juvenile Justice System.

The Illinois Juvenile Officers Association  was formed in 1957 and set the tone for local associations to form.  Illinois Governor, William Stratton, established a special group to liaise with the Juvenile Officer Associations  to promote coordination and interpretation of the Illinois Juvenile Court Act.

The efforts of the 1950's continue today with legislators and juvenile police officers working together to continue leading the country in fair treatment of juveniles within the juvenile justice system.


Our Purpose:


The Lake county Juvenile Officer's Association was organized to promote educational activities and civic purposes, specifically:

*  To encourage participation and understanding of problems involving juveniles in               Lake County.

*  To promote and encourage more efficient prevention and control of juvenile       


*  To provide quality training to juvenile officers throughout Lake County.

*  To assist local youth organizations through charitable donations.

*  To improve enforcement of the Illinois Juvenile court Act.

*  To promote understanding and interagency cooperation with other organizations 

   focused on youth.